DinnerTime Smoothie

Always eat as much raw food as possible. Ripe organic fruits and vegetables are always the best foods to consume. It's what we are designed to eat.
My dinner tonight, and many nights, is a big smoothie. I'm talking about a minimum of 36 Oz to fill your cup. You can see in the pic I had more than fit in my jar and that's ok. I just filled it up after. I was full off my smoothie and did not crave a dessert because of the sugars in the fruit. Afterwards I feel light. Never heavy and bloated like you can feel after eating a cooked meal.
The recipe I used for this smoothie…
- 2 Lg Bananas
- 1/2 lb strawberries with green tops left on
- 1C pineapple
- 2C spinach
- 1C frozen peaches
- 1TB chia seeds
- 1tspn spirulina
- 1C fresh coconut milk
- all blended until smooth
Enjoy your dinner!!


  • I am crazy about green smoothies! Me and my sister we start every morning with a big green smoothie. Sets the perfect tune for the day. Love raw food – we made the transition to a Raw Vegan Lifestyle in January 2013 and it is the best decision we have done!

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